SKYREADY: An Essential Kit for Healthy Travelers

Being in the sky for any length of time takes it's toll on your body and mind, so doing what you can to reduce your exposure and keep your immune system strong is key.


Recycled air, cabin and passenger noise, time changes, contaminated surfaces, and airborne infections are examples of increased stressors that are pervasive in our world of modern travel. Knowing how to deal with these stressors will keep you well and in a state of balance to enjoy your travels both during and after.


SKYREADY was created by Rachelle Michelon, an emergency room nurse with over 15 years experience and a mother of two. As a frequent traveler, Rachelle knows the importance of being prepared with the necessary items for a healthy trip. Every item in the SKYREADY pack was selected with the passenger's health and comfort in mind.


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Arrive healthy. Return healthy.