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Rachelle had always been interested in the sciences and psychology. When she was exposed to how a nurse could help people both therapeutically and physically, she knew she had found the perfect career.


While on a trip to Florida with her two young daughters, she was concerned that sick passengers would have an effect on her children.  She began a company whose only product was to help protect travelers from becoming ill. She developed the SKYREADY kit.  SKYREADY‚Äôs expanding sales throughout the United States is helping people remain safe every day.


Today, Rachelle works as an ER nurse while running the SKYREADY Company.  She continuously encounters people who have gotten sick while traveling and hopes everyone will take care to protect themselves the next time they step onto a plane.


Rachelle knew at a young age that she wanted to be in the health field and dedicate her life to helping others. She went on to get her nursing degree at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Rachelle has worked as a nurse in Emergency Departments in Maryland, California, Washington and Oregon helping thousands of people and saving lives.

Rachelle Michelon




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